Results Day!

So, exactly a week ago today we all received our final results for university. It’s been a complete blur to be honest, with moving house, going home 2 weekends in a row to fundraise, finishing working with Willows High School, it’s all been a bit of a blur so I’m welcoming a bit of time to myself! I feel like I’ve either been working or motorway driving for the past few weeks!

I am absolutely over the moon to be graduating in 12 days time with a 2:1! – I’ve spent the last week looking at options for masters and PGCE’s and I’m actually really excited about my future!

As of September 22nd, I’ll be taking a sabatical from the online world for three months as I volunteer in Tanzania, embarking on a Livelihoods Project with Raleigh International that helps to build a brighter future for local communities. I’m so excited to be travelling with a purpose and really can’t wait to get out there – it will definitely be a welcome break from having my phone glued to my hand! The fundraising has been suprisingly enjoyable and easy – to be honest I thought it would be one of those where I rolled my eyes and got fed up but it’s been so much fun and I’ve exceeded my target already! Here is a picture of my mum, Hannah & I at Salford Quays (2 mile charity swim, Saturday 18 June, 2016).IMG_4723.jpg


The swim was hard, 1 mile in I tried to figure out when the last time I actually swam was, and it turns out it was in Barbados in 2014! (And in Barbados, the swimming wasn’t exactly strenuous!!!).

I’ve been collecting bits and bobs for my time out there, casual t-shirts, sun cream, a head torch, rucksack, I’ve also picked up beach balls and the small rubber mishapes that bounce everywhere when you bounce them! I’m so excited to interact with the children out there, I’m really hoping that we get some time to ourselves so I can spend time with the local children and engage with them through sport!

Being home was lovely, it’s always so refreshing to be around my Mum & Megan, although Megan is turning into a right moody teenager (I know you read this Meg, so Hi, love you, and feel free to text me back occasionally!) We did the traditional stroll around Dovestones, here we are:IMG_4769.jpg

It’s exactly 30 days today that we jet off on our holiday’s!- It’s so nice as we haven’t been abroad together for over 10 years! I think it’s a break we all need and it will be extra special for me as it will be two weeks of quality time a few weeks before I travel halfway across the world flying the Parker flag solo!

England’s exit from the Euro’s broke my heart this week, having just moved house (Into a house that is strictly Wales supporters only!) I put my life on the line to decorate the living room, unfortunately the only recruits I managed were the dogs, and I’m not really sure they understood what was going on. IMG_4859.jpg

That’s all from me for now, but here’s a quote I regard as valuable, and maybe something to think about –



Laura x


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