The end of an era

So. It’s official. Yesterday I submitted my final assignment as a student of Cardiff Metropolitan University, and I have now completed my degree.

I haven’t written in a while so there’s a bit to catch up on, first things first.


Over the Easter holidays, whilst I was supposed to be working hard and writing my dissertation, me & my mum went on a 3 days break to Worcester, and what a lovely time we had. It’s never just been me and my mum, not that that is ever a problem – anyone who knows me will know that I’m happiest surrounded by my mum and sisters. But, at 22, it’s still nice to have all the attention on me. We went with the intention to find a graduation dress, which to my surprise, was a drama free task, and achieved within the first two days. Which then left a spare day (and fortunately, the day with the best weather) to walk along the Malvern Hills (something that my mum had her heart set on, so regardless of the weather, we would’ve been walking them). Well, they say that bad things come in three. Whoever ‘they’ are were telling the truth.

‘Thing One’

I’m a self proclaimed fantastic driver, however, on this particular occasion I failed to notice in advance just how quickly the car in front of me was turning, the outcome could definitely have been worse, however, I did very nearly jeapordise the lives of my mum & I, luckily we both kind of pretended it didn’t happen and we laugh about it now.

‘Thing Two’

Anybody with a slight knowledge of the Malvern Hills will know that there’s quite a distance between the starting and end point (10 miles to be precise), so my mum’s logic was that we would park her car at one end, then she would get in my car and we would drive to the other end to start. Great idea. So I reach the starting point, we start the walk with a steep hill, 3/4 of the way up the first hill, I recall my mum leaving her keys in my glove compartment. So I ask “Mum, where are your car keys?”, to which she responds “Well, they’re in your car”, I then realise she still hasn’t clicked on that we are walking 10 miles to her car, so I ask “Well, why are they in my car?”, she’s still oblivious and says “Well, they’re safe there aren’t they”, I tried to not be too moody as I stormed back down the hill shouting “We’re walking to your bloody car”.

‘Thing Three’

I managed to pursuade my mum to return to Cardiff with me as I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye! So from Worcester we both set on in different cars, within 4 minutes of being on the motorway, I hit a pothole and my tyre blows up (I’m well aware that the above quote ‘self proclaimed fantastic driver’ is quickly going against me), with my mum 5 minutes in front of me on the motorway, and not answering her phone because she’s driving, I then become stranded on the hardshoulder for 2 hours, meaning my mum is in my student house in Cardiff without me.

The drama’s all ended positively as we had a Frankie and Benny’s tea with Hannah, followed by climbing Pen Y Fan the next day. Family time is not one bit overrated.


Dissertation Time

So, writing a dissertation means many hours spent in the library. Any fan of radio 1 I’m sure will have heard of ‘library tennis’, in a blur of madness, I found myself live on radio 1 making sounds of a professional female tennis player. It’s something I don’t think i’ll ever live down, but those who listened found it hilarious, so I guess that’s a bonus.

Fast forward to four days after library tennis and here we have…13094415_10153980367025590_8855813218483694141_n


What a day this was, this photo was taken just as we got to uni, folowing a prosecco breakfast (& vodka shots), the day was spent celebrating successfully getting over the biggest, hardest and the genuinely mentally challenging hurdle of our degree, and if i’m being honest, I would consider writing another dissertation just to relive the celebrations. There were times when I was certain that I would never make it to the end, the ten hour sessions in the library, the time that me and Emily desperately asked the lady working behind the tennis desk if she would let us borrow rackets, a ball and a court for 15 minutes just so we weren’t looking at a computer, the time that I genuinely had to ask a stranger how to spell ‘school’ correctly because I had written it that many times I could no longer trust myself, the nights that I couldn’t sleep until 2am but I was back in the library for 8am. It was mentally and physically draining, and I can only hope that it was all worth it.

Such an incredible three years alongside three of the best friends I could wish to have made. I truly believe you make friends for life at University. However, in order for us to remain friends for life, the four of us will have to survive Poland first.

Sport Awards

As my previous post explains, I finished my placement with Sport Cardiff, so when I received an e-mail in the library to say that I was being invited to the Cardiff Met Sport Awards, obviously not thinking anything of it, I sent a polite reply informing the sender that they had clearly got their wires crossed as I had not represented the University in any Sport over the past year, to which I was very surprised to learn that I had been nominated for the Sport Cardiff Community Sport Award as a result of my placement. I won the award and had such a lovely night with great company. Below is a photo of ‘Team North’.


I feel very lucky to have received an award for a placement that I nothing short of loved. I can only hope that in the future, when I (eventually) get a ‘real job’ I get to work alongside such genuine, funny colleagues. I could not recommend a placement with Sport Cardiff highly enough.

Life after Uni

Life after University isn’t treating me too badly, through the teaching agency I have registered with, I have been asked to invigilate GCSE’s in schools across Cardiff, which I’m looking forward to, alongside working at Tesco. It feels strange going to work without thinking about an essay/presentation/journal article I need to read or work on after my shift. I don’t particularly feel lost, but I do feel slightly strange about my Uni experience being over.

I have an interview next Thursday for a 3 month placement in Tanzania which is exciting – but also nerve wracking! The placement is on a volunteer basis and is working with the local communities, I just wanted to mention it so that if I am to be successful I can look back to this point and remember how I was feeling! The interview is at a head office in London, which I booked train tickets for months ago, only to discover yesterday (6 days before the interview) that my railcard is out of date! So in a mad panic I’ve ordered a new one and I can only hope and pray that it arrives in time! There are a few different stages to the interview, so obviously I have to purchase a new outfit that is suitable for all the stages! I’m looking forward to it, I love visiting London I just hope I leave happy!



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