The beginning of the end

So today brought the second week of competitions! Boys football! Thankfully the weather was a lot better than last week and we were treated to the occasional spell of sunshine! I am currently a huge mix of emotions, I am so happy and pleased at how today went – 12 teams went, and for the second week in a row all teams attended and the event ran smoothly! On the other hand, I know I only have one week left before I take an extended period of leave from the Sports Development office. I know it’s right decision because for the next 5 weeks I really need to focus on my studies and the end of my degree but I honestly feel absolutely devastated. Who knows what the future holds for me after my degree and after Sport Development but all I know now is how incredibly lucky I am to have been put on placement with  two of the most genuine, funniest guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting for over 1 year! Next week is the netball (Finally!) and luckily we’re indoors so regardless of the weather it should be a great event!


The boys football, it just so happened that in order to play the semi final we had to play extra-time AND penalties. To add to the drama both of the teams playing for a space in the semi final were from the same school. Teams that hadn’t qualifies stayed around to watch! It was that dramatic!


Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 18.00.28.png

We were lucky enough to be provided with a venue again and what a great venue it is! This was just before the semi-finals were played and we were announcing where everyone had places (I was originally responsible for taking the photo, but when i saw the hill that I had to climb I delegated the job to Gethin, so here I am doing absolutely nothing – that’s me in the blue coat next to the goal. Thanks Geth!)


I’ve always had a passion for netball and I hope next week encourages as many students as possible to engage in the sport!









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