“Girls, Participation Rates and Football are the winners”

Today I hosted my second ever competition with Sport Cardiff, after achieving the status of ‘competitions co-ordinator’ for the North of Cardiff for the past two months I was slightly nervous but thankfully, more excited! After last years competition, where there were 3 teams in attendance, I was buzzing. Although three teams doesn’t sound like much. Those three teams, those twenty children were all there and participating in sport because of me.

For the past year and seven months, if i’ve learnt anything from working within Sport Development it’s that nothing is ever guarenteed – you can have 15 teams sign up to a competition and you’re lucky if 9 show up. By some miracle, 10 teams had signed up to my competition today, and 10 turned up. Unfortunately the 17 degrees without cloud weather that I had ordered wasn’t quite delivered. However, it was clear to see that it would take more than a bit of rain and wind to stop the girls from having a good time. Overall, there were 70-90 children there. I had 3 friends by my side who had volunteered to referee and of course my two favourite sport development officers who were constantly delivering banter.

Today was the first time since the start of lent that I actually wished I was on social media, over the past year or so, social media has been a big part of sport development, through raising awareness, sharing photos and increasing knowledge of events and courses. There was a hashtag throughout the day that all schools were asked to send any photos/videos to. It was all over Twitter and although I deleted my Twitter back in November, I will be getting it back once lent is over!

Next week is the boys turn to paricipate in football, I’m hoping the weather will be slightly better! And finally, the third and final competition that I have organised is mixed netball. Only the netball is indoors so just next Tuesday of good weather is all I ask!


Multi-tasking with a tannoy, timer and fixtures! Also, take a second to appreciate what once was perfect grass but now resembles a mud bath!


Me, Emily & Hannah. AKA “The Dream Team”.


Despite the weather the girls still supported each other and showed off their talents!

As the title says, despite how positive the experience has made me feel, the real winners are the girls who took part, the participation levels of female sport, and football.




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