Fighting The Stigma

My previous post explains that I recently went on a trip to Africa, as part of the programme I have to visit London next month to deliver a speech on ‘something I’m passionate about’. That something is fighting the stigma that surrounds mental health and suicide. Throughout my life I have found myself in extraordinary … More Fighting The Stigma

Tanzania 2016

This year, 22 September-13 December 2016 I embarked on the most challenging journey of my life so far. Since returning, I’ve had many people ask “was it amazing?” “did you have an incredible time?”. And it’s questions like this that have inspired me to write this blog post. The truth is, I had the best time … More Tanzania 2016

Results Day!

So, exactly a week ago today we all received our final results for university. It’s been a complete blur to be honest, with moving house, going home 2 weekends in a row to fundraise, finishing working with Willows High School, it’s all been a bit of a blur so I’m welcoming a bit of time … More Results Day!

The end of an era

So. It’s official. Yesterday I submitted my final assignment as a student of Cardiff Metropolitan University, and I have now completed my degree. I haven’t written in a while so there’s a bit to catch up on, first things first. Easter Over the Easter holidays, whilst I was supposed to be working hard and writing … More The end of an era

“Girls, Participation Rates and Football are the winners”

Today I hosted my second ever competition with Sport Cardiff, after achieving the status of ‘competitions co-ordinator’ for the North of Cardiff for the past two months I was slightly nervous but thankfully, more excited! After last years competition, where there were 3 teams in attendance, I was buzzing. Although three teams doesn’t sound like … More “Girls, Participation Rates and Football are the winners”

“Your brain is like a bundle of fairy lights”

Today, I attended my dementia friends meeting where I pledged to be actively involved in helping people within the community who are living with dementia. I spent the majority of the meeting speaking about my lovely Grandma and hearing other people’s stories too. There was absolutely nothing negative about it and I came away feeling … More “Your brain is like a bundle of fairy lights”